Community Cares: New technology helps pregnant women stay healthy

PHOENIX, Ariz. (KSAZ) - Mothers-to-be know their bodies will change to accommodate their growing babies, but they also want to keep their bodies healthy and in shape. New technology can help them do just that, there's an app.

There is a science to working out. Every move is strategic, especially when you're expecting.

Just ask Nikki Metzger the owner of BODI, a high-intensity gym in Scottsdale.

"I think it's all about listening to your body," said Metzger. "If you're a person who used to work out five days a week you might be able to continue to work out five days a week."

Metzger is a Nike Master Trainer and a new mom. Now she's applying her knowledge and personal experience to help women remain active and healthy during their pregnancies by serving as GYFT's Fitness Trainer.

"GYFT Baby is an app, a wearable device as well as the most efficacious and scientifically validated prenatal vitamins for today's modern expectant mom," said John Siefert with STYR Labs.

John Siefert says GYFT Baby was developed by women and backed by the latest research in nutrition science.

The new digital pregnancy kit includes wearable pendants that measure how hard you work, the exercise app, which offer fitness routines, and meal plans. This is a way for mothers-to-be to get it all.