Community rallies around family following bad crash

A family who headed to dinner to celebrate the end of the school year is involved in a bad crash.

All five people inside the car suffered serious injuries, but the community is coming together to help them get through.

In just one brief moment, a big family has a start to summer they never expected, as they became victims of a head-on collision on 29th Avenue and Baseline. The parents, along with their kids, are now recovering together, with injuries such as broken ribs and broken wrists, among others.

"We just wanna do whatever we can to try and help them," said Tish Morris, a part of the Canyon Speedway Park family. She says the Wyman family play a big part role at the raceway.

"It's our time to kinda give back to them, and help them in their time of need," said Morris. "I think it just goes to show what the race community is all about. We're very family-oriented, and weather or not you know the family, if you're involved in racing, you're gonna pitch in and help."

While the family wont be racing for a while, they have an entire community praying for them and supporting them.

"They're always there to help everybody in need, and they never complain," said Morris.