Controversial statements? George Lindell caught on video at Trump rally

He became a local celebrity for a few days back in 2011 after his very passionate description of a car crash, but now George Lindell is back in the headlines after he appeared at a Donald Trump rally and was accused of making some controversial statements.

As the crowd chanted, "U-S-A! U-S-A!" Lindell was caught on video turning to the press and saying "JEW-S-A, JEW-S-A."

Lindell reached out to FOX 10, wanting to clarify what he said and he doesn't believe anyone should be offended.

The video exploded online shortly after Ashley Killough, a CNN reporter, posted it on Twitter.

Lindell points and talks to the press at Trump's Phoenix rally.

"It's a rally, bro. A rally. You are supposed to have fun," said Lindell.

Not many were laughing after the video was posted online. Lindell says he was inundated with calls from friends, he was being labeled an anti-Semite and on Monday, he offered us this explanation.

"In English, we say U. In Spanish, we say you. It is the way we speak the language, that is it. I was speaking up for the Mexican people and I instinctively said U-S-A. Okay, I said it in Spanish and it is nothing about the Jews. I love Jews. I love Jews very much."

A recent poll from the Los Angeles Times shows Trump with 20 percent support among Latinos. I asked Lindell what he would like to say to any Latinos who may be offended by the accent he claims he used.

"Why would that be offensive? That is ridiculous," he replied.

Overall, the Trump rally appeared to be very peaceful and civil. We only know of one person who was asked to leave.

Trump's campaign chairwoman did call Lindell's language deplorable.