Couple finds love during professional training program at community college

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Sometimes, love just finds a way.

A professional training program is likely the last place in the world two young adults were expecting to find love, but a couple made a love connection while they were on the business operations track at Gateway Community College.

"I was not expecting it because I did have a little crush on him in the first place, but then when he started talking to me, I was, like, surprised," said Leslie Mora.

Mora and Jesus Felix quickly recognized each other from social media. They realized they were following each other on a couple different social media accounts.

"We added ourselves to social media beforehand," said Felix. "We had no idea till we started the program, till we recognized each other, and I was just like, OK, I know her. I've seen her from somewhere."

Mora and Felix got to know each other, working on a project for the "Year Up Arizona" program at Gateway, a job training program that helps young students find careers that offer a living wage.

"Through the year-end program, we found each other and he knew I was struggling through some things, and I was open to him about it," said Mora.

The two are happy this program not only helped them find jobs in banking, but also helped them find love.

"Go out to eat, movies here and there, if not stay at home. Play with the new puppy I got," said Felix.

Both agree that romance can happen when it's least expected.

"You can't just go out there and expect it," said Felix. "It kind of just happens. You find it unexpectedly. It falls into your lap out of nowhere."

"You just have to focus on you, and whatever comes is what's gonna come. It's gonna happen," said Mora.

Both Mora and Felix have to work on Valentines Day, so they plan to celebrate the holiday during the weekend instead.