Court documents: Woman accused of hitting, choking her daughter during argument over chores

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Court documents show a 40-year-old woman is facing child abuse and aggravated assault charges, following an incident between her and her child.

According to the documents, Sara Magdaleno, 40, was arrested on March 24. The victim, identified as a 17-year-old female, reported that Magdaleno strangled her and hit her during an argument. The argument was over household chores, and Magdaleno allegedly pushed the victim to the floor, hit her on the legs with a plastic hanger, slapped her face and bit her nose.

The victim, according to the documents, then pushed Magdaleno away into a wall, and Magdaleno tried to get the victim's phone, straddled her, and started to chock her neck and covered her mouth with one hand. The victim, who by then had trouble breathing and couldn't scream, bit Magdaleno's hand.

Court documents also listed Magdaleno's version of the story. She also claimed she was in a verbal argument with the victim over chores, and said the victim got close to her face, so she slapped the victim, causing the victim to kick Magdaleno. Magdaleno then said she did not remember hitting the victim with a hanger, but did remember having her hand on the victim;'s through for about 20 seconds. Magdaleno, however, denied she tried to choke the victim.

According to court documents, a forensic strangulation exam was done on the victim, which found symptoms of strangulation. Court documents also show there were no previously reported incidents that involve the same parties. Magdaleno has been charged with reckless abuse of a child, as well as aggravated domestic violence assault, both felonies. Bond is set at $10,000, and electronic monitoring is ordered for her, if she is released. She is also ordered to not initiate contact with the victim, or have any physical contact with her.