Crime Files: Woman in Arizona accused of sexually abusing teenage co-worker and using someone else's identity

Court documents we obtained on Aug. 9 detailed a rather detailed case involving an Arizona sexual abuse suspect who is also accused of using another person's identity.

Here are the details on this case.

What happened?

According to the court documents, the incident that led to the suspect's arrest happened on February 23, 2023, when the suspect was seen on video grabbing or pinching a 17-year-old's private parts.

The incident, according to investigators, "looked like some type of hazing between employees" at a Hawaiian-style barbecue restaurant in the area of 59th Avenue and Bell Road.

The alleged victim, according to court documents, later expressed his desire for the suspect to be prosecuted, as did his parents.

"[The alleged victim] said [the suspect] never had consent to touch him this way," read a portion of the court documents.

So, who is the suspect?

The suspect, according to investigators, is 53-year-old Dionis Delgado Herrera. The woman was identified by the alleged victim as the suspect in a photo line up.

However, police investigators said that for employment paperworks related to the job at the restaurant, the suspect provided a Social Security Card with the name "Acela Herrera Rodriguez," as well as a Social Security Number that came back to a completely different woman in Tucson.

Herrera, according to investigators, also provided a U.S. Permanent Resident Card under the name "Acela Herrera Rodriguez."

"This Permanent Resident Card had a photo that matched the defendant, and also matched the MVD photo associated with Dionis Delgado Herrera," read a portion of the court documents.

When was Herrera arrested?

Investigators said Herrera was arrested on Aug. 8.

During an interview that was done after Herrera was read her Miranda rights, Herrera denied touching the alleged victim's private part, while saying she was joking with other co-workers and grabbed only the pants on the front.

Herrera, according to court documents, also denied having any knowledge of the allegedly fake documents, saying instead that a co-worker had taken her photo and made those.

Investigators noted that while Herrera was being arrested, a Cuban passport issued to a "Dionis Delgado Herrera" was found in Herrera's possession.

What is Herrera being accused of?

Court documents state that Herrera is accused of three felonies:

What's next for the suspect?

A judge has set a bond of $10,000 for Herrera, according to court documents.

Should Herrera make bond, she will be required to undergo electronic monitoring.

A preliminary hearing is set for Aug. 17, 2023.

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