Criticism for Jan Brewer after comments about Latinos

Valley Democrats rallied in Phoenix Saturday, and their main goal was to motivate Latino voters to cast their ballots. The event happening after former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer made comments about the voting habits of the Latino community.

There was a big sense of urgency today at Saturday's rally. A strong message sent by County Supervisor Steve Gallardo to encourage Latino voters to cast their vote. "We don't need Governor Brewer to challenge us. their presidential candidate is doing enough to mobilize Latino community."

The event comes as a response to Brewer, who told the Boston Globe on Friday that Arizona won't "go blue" because Latino Democrats do not participate, saying "They don't get out and vote. They don't vote." He went on to say regardless of turnout in the past, he believes this election will be different.

"He made it personal for millions of Latinos across the country. He made it personal for millions of Muslim-Americans across the country. He made it person for African-Americans and LGBT and he especially made it personal for women across this great country. We are going to show him how we do elections by turning Arizona blue."

On Saturday afternoon, Jan Brewer tweeted out a message, "In 2012, Hispanic turnout in AZ was 40%, Caucasian 62%. It'd be great to have 100% turnout for all demographics in 2016. Every vote matters!"

With only 17 days until election day, officials are encouraging all to cast their ballots early to ensure all votes are counted.