CURB YOUR NEED FOR SPEED: DPS announces speeding crackdown

Starting Monday, Arizona's Department of Public Safety (DPS) is watching for speeders along Valley freeways.

A "zero-tolerance" crackdown is running for 30 days, and if drivers are caught going over the posted speed limit, they will get a ticket.

"In all reality, the speed limit is the speed limit," said Trooper Jared Mitchell Schmidt. Patrol of the I-17, during rush hour on Monday, was rather tame. In Schmidt's four years, however, he said he has witnessed speeders, like a motorcyclist who clocked in at 149 mph (239.8 km/h) the Loop 101.

"If you're driving two miles an hour over, three miles an hour over, if you're unsafe with how you're driving, you know, it's definitely a reason to stop and at least talk to that person," said Schmidt

FOX 10's Matt Rodewald followed Schmidt for two hours, and a handful of stops were made.

"Some might prefer to stop people that are going five miles an hour over. Some prefer to let it extend to 10 miles an hour. Some probably might even let it extend to 15 miles an hour over before they stop them. I think it all depends on the officer, and what they feel is safe at the time," said Schmidt.