Dog resort gives dogs the opportunity to “live it up”

Doggy daycare has come a long way, with the old chain link fence kennels being replaced by pet resorts, with everything a dog's heart could desire.

The luxury is available, however, if a dog's owner is willing to pay up.

At one spot, surrounded by Scottsdale's stylish Old Town streets, pooches like six-month-old Lola are being pampered at places like Paw Commons pet spas.

Lola is living it up, because she can.

"She brings joy, especially since I lost two dogs at once last June," said Christina Row. "They were 14 and 15, so she's been the band-aid for my heart."

Walk inside, and people are greeted by a fetching environment, with a handful of employees ready to fulfill a dog's every dream.

In the back of the resort is where the magic happens, from a warm bubble bath, hair cut and blow-dry, manicures and pedicures, and even something as far fetched as a blueberry facial.

"Blueberry facial is kind of like a moisturizer for the fur around their face, so especially for dogs that drool a lot, you can help to set the coat on the face and smelling delicious," said Ryan Cambio, a trainer at Paw Commons.

There are couches to make the K-9's feel at home, and there are also obstacles courses for a little exercise. There's a water park that provides endless fun, and there's even a trainer on-site to teach an old dog new tricks.

"That's part of why they come here, 'cause they can trust our expert staff, no matter what service you're looking at, to make the best call for their dog," said Cambio.

This is the second spot in the Valley for Paw Commons, after starting nearly 20 years ago in San Diego. Prices start at about $30 per night, and go up from there.

The dogs are left alone from 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m., but each sleeps it's own private room.

The pooches' parents can watch their best friends online, while they lap up the luxury.

"I saw the menu, and my guy is getting hot oil treatment 'cause of dry weather, so we're giving it a shot, and hopefully stop all the itching and scratching he's dealing with," said Rob Orazi.

After all, they're more than just dogs, they're members of the family, and worth every penny.

Paw Commons has a second Valley location in Gilbert.