Dogs tossed over fence of Pinal County Animal Care and Control facility

Surveillance video from the Pinal County Animal Care and Control facility shows people dropping off two dogs by tossing them over the fence.

The video was released by PCACC officials Monday. Officials said it happened while the facility is closed.

"I was kind of watching it and everything, and then the person got on the hood of his car and then just dropped the dog, and it was just like dropped the dog from here down, and then dropped the puppy over," said Audra Michael of Pinal County Animal Care and Control.

The dogs in question are a blue Pit Bull and a white Carin Terrier. The video shows a car pulling up to the facility's closed gate, and people inside tossing the dog over the gate.

Officials said they have found a microchip in one of the dogs, without specifying which dog had the microchip. Meanwhile, officials would like to talk to the people seen in the video to see if the dogs were strays or owned animals, as they require the information to try to get the dogs either back home, or into new homes.

In addition, officials also advise people to not throw animals over the fence.

Michael said she did not pos the video to condemn the people who did it, but to get information on the dogs, and to highlight what a bad idea it was.