Driver keeps kids locked in bus as parents call 9-1-1

He was accused of refusing to allow students to leave the bus, as an apparent punishment for their bad behavior.

A group of parents were waiting at the stop last week when it happened, but the driver instead took the students back to Dsyart Elementary where he finally let the kids off the bus.

It's a follow-up to a FOX 10 story we brought you last week. Now surveillance video from inside the bus has the district investigating.

Parents called 9-1-1 when they said the driver kept the students inside the bus after the children became rowdy.

It all started last Tuesday when a bus driver said a group of children from Dysart Elementary School were unruly on his bus, and he wouldn't let them out at the bus stop until they behaved.

"The longer we stay here, the more your parents are going to be getting upset, but not at me, they're going to be getting upset with you. Because it's your fault you're not getting off the bus," said the driver on the video.

Some parents waiting at the stop became upset and started knocking on the door, one dad tried to pry it open to get his children.

"See, your parents are getting upset. You break that door; you're going to be buying a new one! Your kid will get off the bus when I am done with 'em," said the driver.

"Let the kids off the bus," replied the parent.

"I'm not letting anyone off until you listen to what I have to say," said the driver.

Some of the kids, especially the little ones started to get upset, crying and asking for their parents.

"Please get us out, help us, help!" said one of the children.

"I want my daddy; I want my daddy," said another child.

As the situation escalated, the driver decided to take off, and the bus went into chaos.

"Step away from the bus," said the driver to a parent.

Those parents called the police, and officers met with the driver, and the kids were finally released to their parents.

The school district has placed the driver on leave during the investigation. One parent told FOX 10 that his child refuses to ride the school bus after the incident.