Elphaba's transformation, a behind the scenes look at Wicked

It is one of Broadway's biggest hits, 'Wicked' has returned to the stage here in the valley.

The play is now showing at Arizona State University's Gammage Theater.

If you know anything about Wicked or even the storyline, you know the costumes and makeup are pretty elaborate, especially for the plays main character, the Wicked Witch of the West.

Elphaba better known as the Wicked Witch of the West goes into makeup six times a week for a process called "Greening". Her makeup artist paints everything from her hands to her neck, face, shoulders and back, transforming her from average Jane to one Wicked Woman.

This isn't your typical department store makeover; makeup artist Joyce McGilberry transforms Alyssa Fox into Elphaba the lead character in Wicked

"The green surprisingly evens out your skin and makes you look real put together," said Alyssa Fox.

Alyssa has been green for the better part of 3 years. Every show, the same routine: green pancake on the arms, chest, neck and face then a layer of setting powder and shimmer. Her face then comes alive with contouring and shadows.

This is where I bring Alyssa back into the scene using all her natural bone structure and uniqueness.

A swipe of silver lipstick, and a few coats of mascara, and Alyssa is ready for her bodysuit; a green fine mesh covering all of her body

Before she hits the stage, there is a handshake test, to make sure that makeup won't budge.

The whole "greening" process only takes about 30 minutes. After the show, Alyssa doesn't take a shower, because the water, of course, kills witches! Instead, she removes all that green with Coconut Oil and baby wipes.