Family devastated after camper gifted by Make-A-Wish Foundation was vandalized at Phoenix storage yard

One Valley family has been left heartbroken after discovering their daughter's camper that was gifted to them from the Make-A-Wish Foundation had been vandalized.

Lily Naranjo was excited she got her wish -- a camper so that she can go camping with her family in Colorado -- granted by the foundation.

"Her wish was to go back to Colorado," said Lily's father, Miguel Naranjo. "Take her out there and camp out for a couple of days. Longer than we were there because that was her last actual view in this world. She had her eyes working 100% good, and because of the cancer that attacked her brain, it made her lose her eyesight.”

Lily has been battling neuroblastoma for five years. FOX 10 first introduced Lily in 2019, when cameras captured the moment she was reunited with her dog after spending eight months in New York for treatment.

10 months ago, Lily's camper wish was granted by the foundation. Due to finances and the coronavirus, the family had to postpone their trip, but they were hoping to go in a few months.

Now, following the vandalism, the wheels are gone, and a hole has been left on the side. The camper was at a storage yard at 67th Avenue and Southern.

"It was completely vandalized," said Miguel. “I’m so angry. I’m so devastated. I’m so heartbroken especially because this is my daughter’s gift."

Now, the family is trying to figure out how to make the trip happen. 

"It makes me really sad. It was my only wish," said Lily.

“I just want to let the thieves know that what you did was wrong. Very wrong," said Miguel. "I know you’re not going to ask who are we going to steal from, but you stole from a little girl that has cancer. Her life isn’t guaranteed."