Family organizes proper sendoff for Vietnam veteran 1 year following his passing

One year after an Air Force veteran died during the COVID-19 pandemic, his family is finally giving him the proper goodbye.

Sgt. Robert Kelley had an MRSA infection that spread to his lungs, and died while on a ventilator in April of 2020. Due to COVID-related restrictions, the sendoff for Sgt. Kelley wasn't what the family thought he deserved.

"We lost dad last year, and unfortunately, we didn't have the best experience," said one of Sgt. Kelly's daughters. "We didn't get to see him, honor him the way he should have been celebrated, and by doing this event today, it allowed the family to honor him for the time he gave to the United States as a military man."

This service, which helped make up for lost time, gave Sgt. Kelley the goodbye his family says he deserved.

Sgt. Kelley is described as the glue of the family. While it's a year after his death, the Kelley family says having his farewell means a lot for them, and fir the man who sacrificed everything for his country and family.  

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