Family warning others of the dangers of drugs, as their mourn the death of their loved one

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- A Valley family is warning others on the dangers of using prescription medicine, as they mourn the death of a young man.

The man, 21-year-old Moises Felix, would have turned 22 on Monday. Instead of celebrating his birthday, however, his family will be holding his funeral on that day. Felix's family members reached out to FOX 10, in an effort to spread awareness and warn others.

"I love him, and I miss him very much," said Stella Felix, Moises' sister.

At the cusp of turning 22, Felix had, as people would say, his whole life ahead of him. Now, a family is remembering the life of a boy who they loved so much.

"A loving person," said family member Miguel Perez. "His smile would light up a room. You would remember it forever."

Felix's life ended tragically on Saturday. Family members say he took the pill at a party, thinking it was percocet.

The pill was actually fentanyl.

"He took something that he though it was something else," said Perez. "It was a horrible mistake."

Now, Stella Felix is left with memories.

"he would hit me, and we would laugh. Don't tell mom!" said Stella, recounting the times she and Felix wrestled.

The family is holding each other tightly, still trying to grasp why this happened. Meanwhile, the family is trusting their faith.

"People not might understand, but god is good," said Perez. "I don't know or understand why this happened, but if it's to bring awareness and one person gets saved, it was worth it."

The family said Felix was not an addict, and they just wanted to warn others not to take pills that are not prescribed to them.