Fire that destroyed multiple vehicles at Phoenix apartment complex being investigated as arson

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Dozens of firefighters were called to an apartment complex near 15th Avenue and Hazelwood Tuesday morning after a carport burst into flames.

"This thing was loud. It was popping off. It started like gunshots and I stayed back because I was a little afraid myself," Kelly Brown said.

Neighbors panicked as they woke up to a smell of smoke and the sight of flames right outside their doors.

"I got out of bed and just saw huge, huge flames," Joelle Aurmani said. "I mean, it almost looked like a tire fire starting, billows of smoke coming up out of the parking structure over here."

"People were coming out of their apartments without shirts on and dazed and confused and worried and running around," Brown said.

Now, a total of 12 cars are completely scorched, leaving most of the victims who live here without a vehicle.

Some of them even risked their lives to save what was left of their valuables left inside.

"When the fire started, I tried running to get into my car and the flames were going over my head, plastic dripped over my head and burned me," Dennis Deselms said. "I saw my saws that were there. My $400 nail gun and my hand tools, you know, that's a thousand dollars right there."

Investigators still have not determined the exact cause of the bizarre blaze, but residents say they hope to get answers soon.

"Just go on, life happens guys," Deselms said. "You just gotta push forward."