First-of-its-kind school in Scottsdale has program for overweight, obese adolescent girls

A new high school that is set to open in Scottsdale has an unconventional curriculum, targeted at teen girls battling weight issues.

Gem Academy, which stands for "Gratitude, Empathy, and Mission", is a treatment-based program that is similar to a boarding school, where girls live in a home where they learn how to take care of themselves, both physically and mentally.

"We will have mentors with them all the time," said Jim Hershey, Executive Director of the academy. "Dietitians, Academic Director, and for the evening study hall, we will have a Certified Learning Assistant."

Come Fall, the academy plans to have 10 girls living in this home for roughly 10 months. During their stay, they'll take classes online for their education, learn how to eat right, and figure out what works for their body, among other issues.

Girls who went through the program said although it's tough in the beginning, it is worth it in the end.

Enrollment starts in July.

Gem Academy