Former MCSO attorney testifies in contempt hearing

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's contempt of court hearings have continued, and he could be taking the stand this week.

Arpaio and his Chief Deputy already admitted they violated court orders when he allowed deputies to do immigration patrols after being ordered to stop them.

The American Civil Liberties Union attorneys continue to paint a picture of an agency warned about violating the judge's order but ignored the warnings.

On the stand was former MCSO attorney Tim Casey, who was advising the Sheriff's Office when the injunction came out about 4-years-ago.

He told the court, "I think I got my report out to the Sheriff's Office within an hour of receiving Judge Snow's injunction."

He also claimed MCSO leaders gave no sign that they didn't understand the judge's orders.

Casey testified that he hold the Sheriff's top aides "We can no longer turn people over to the federal authorities and "We have got to make sure the Human Smuggling Unit understands this right away."

MCSO already admitted to violating the court's injunction to stop enforcing federal immigration laws, but they claim it wasn't on purpose. The ACLU is trying to disprove that.

Earlier Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan wrapped up his testimony with more than an hour of questioning from Judge Snow.

Snow wanted to know about deputies keeping the IDs of people they had arrested. He asked, "Does it appear that some of the deputies may have taken IDs as trophies?"

Sheridan responded with, "It appears that way."

Casey is expected back on the stand Wednesday, depending on how quickly things move along Arpaio may be on the stand by the end of next week.