Free program available in Phoenix to help struggling new mothers

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- It was a heartbreaking discovery this week in Chandler, as police investigate the death of a four-week-old baby.

19-year-old Jenna Folwell remains behind bars, accused of drowning the infant. Police don't have a motive at this point.

Meanwhile, funeral arrangements the four-week-old, named Rainer, are underway.

Many new moms who have heard of this tragedy know motherhood can be rough, but there are people and resources who can help struggling women, for free.

Kaylanna Etsitty, 20, is a mother of a two young girls. She knows the struggle of being a teen mom, as she was 16 when she had her first child.

"There's just so much pressure, from friends, family, all eyes are on you," said Etsitty. "People are judging you."

Etsitty said she became depressed, and experienced overwhelming emotions because breastfeeding was so difficult for her.

"As they talk about it in books, it's going to be a beautiful thing. It's not supposed to hurt. I felt like I was doing something wrong, kind of isolated," said Etsitty.

"Sometimes you don't have someone to tell you it's OK," said Arizona Health Start Program Coordinator Daili Lister. "It's OK to feel that way."

The Arizona Health Start program is free for struggling new mothers, and Kaylanna sought their help with her second baby.

"We're trying to normalize it, so that women feel more comfortable and confident in coming forward," said Lister. "I would hope that anybody else who feels trapped, or they don't have that support, that they will look out into their community and seek resources and know that it's OK to ask for help."