Nearly 1,200 saguaros toppled in southern Arizona

The National Park Service says about 1,200 saguaros either toppled over or had their arms or tops severed during a monsoon storm last month. The "blowdown" event happened on Aug. 22, causing many saguaros to be uprooted or snap along their trunks. NPS says hundreds of saguaros are still standing and remains healthy.

Parts of Phoenix still dealing with monsoon damage

It has been two days since a powerful storm left a mark on various neighborhoods in the Valley, and on Sept. 14, some residents in Phoenix are still dealing with the storm's aftermath, including damages to homes. FOX 10's Brian Webb reports.

Monsoon prompts Mesa school closure

An elementary school in Mesa is set to be closed for the rest of the week, after powerful monsoon storms this week caused some serious damage. Volunteers, however, are helping the school get back on its feet. FOX 10's Danielle Miller reports.

‘Bunch of debris’: Falcon Field monsoon aftermath

After running for safety inside, Jayden Long, a civil air patrol, started recording the storm slowly entering their building at Falcon Field in Mesa. "Windows started shaking. Our building right there is solid brick solid concrete and that was even shaking," Long said.

AZ monsoon storm damages planes, power lines

The monsoon storm on Sept. 12 overturned planes in Mesa, downed an entire street of power lines in Phoenix, and ripped a carport from a house in Scottsdale. Here's a look at what happened.

Monsoon storm downs power lines in Phoenix

Another round of monsoon weather on the night of Sept. 12 has left some damages in parts of the Valley, including downed power lines in a Phoenix neighborhood. FOX 10's Stephanie Bennett has more.