Gator goes swimming in Florida homeowner's pool

Gator mating season is a time when reptiles are spotted more often, but that doesn't mean it still won't come as a surprise.

Senta Evans, a homeowner in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida went to let her dogs out, and discovered an alligator in the backyard pool, reports WPEC. The gator was measured to be eight feet long and weighed 300 pounds.

It apparently came from a nearby lake. Senta Evans contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and a trapper was dispatched.

He managed to wrestle the alligator out of the pool. Vanessa Shultz, who lives nearby and has three children, said she is concerned.

"It's so close to my house," she explained. Schultz said she will have her fence reinforced, and will always check her yard before she lets her children go outside.

Anyone who spots a nuisance alligator can contact the FWC hotline at 866-392-4286.