Goats spotted on top of SUV in Arizona's high country

There was a funny surprise for some goat sitters in Arizona's High Country.

Apparently the goats, named "Petra" and "Pickles", tried to hitch a ride back home. They were caught red-handed on top of their sitter's car.

Anne Doyle and her husband were taking care of their's friend's goats for two months, and they say it was quite an experience.

"One of the goats, Petra, was attacked in their pen, and found by a fox looking for water," said Doyle, in a phone interview. "She needed to be quarantined for some time."

That's when Doyle and her husband stepped in. The plan all along was to pet-sit the goats, but after one of them had an encounter with a fox, Doyle decided to bring them to her place.

"We let them out in the yard that's fenced in, an acre and 3/4, and sometimes they just walk around and sometimes they climb on things, and this was like the second time I see them on the car," said Doyle.

Talk about an unusual sight, but nonetheless, the couple found it funny. Doyle says it wasn't the first time they've seen the goats climb random objects.

"Pickles was just on top of the shed, and I just couldn't believe it!" said Doyle. "I never seen a goat do that before. It was kinda shocking but amusing. They are so agile. They just jump on anything. It doesn't seem to affect them at all."

And Doyle's dogs also enjoyed guarding the goats, especially Jamba.

"She kept an eye on those goats," said Doyle. "Every second they were in her sight. It was amazing."

The past two months were entertaining, to say the least.

"They are very fun to watch, and they do make your heart smile to see them, and our dogs love them too," said Doyle.