GOODWIN FIRE: APS crews working hard to fix damaged power poles

As firefighters continue to battle the Goodwin Fire, the fire has already destroyed four APS power poles, which has affected power in nearby areas. Crews have been hard at work to get it all fixed.

"We had minimal damage in here, but our crews are replacing poles," said Steve Quinn, Northwest Division Manager for APS. Quinn went on to say that on Thursday, about 800 customers were without power. By Friday morning, that number was down to about 100.

APS crews have worked around the clock, since the fire started on Saturday. In the beginning, it was all about strategizing with firefighters, and de-energizing certain lines to keep them safe. Then, APS prepared for the damage, and now, it's about fixing it.

In Poland Junction, fixing damages meant replacing the poles that have been burnt. With the fire still burning, however, the work is far from over.

"As soon as that is contained and safe, we'll be able to do assessments," said Quinn. "But until that happens, we are really in good shape on restoring all of our equipment."