Governor's office rolls out new initiative to reduce prison recidivism

The governor's office released new initiatives to reduce prison recidivism and increase employment opportunities for former inmates.

They hope to transform the Durango campus, where Tent City used to be, into a facility that centralizes employment and re-entry centers for inmates.

The governor's office says these programs have already been successful in other state prisons to help find careers for inmates, but expanding into Durango would help more in a location that's easier to get to.

They're still working out the details with Maricopa County, but they're hoping to have it up and running by 2019.

In the meantime, the governor issued an executive order that would force state agencies to no longer ask an applicant about their criminal history until after they apply and interview for a job.

They're calling it the "Second Chance Box" and the governor says it'll allow a former inmate to not be overlooked from the beginning.

The governor also announced a new program with Uber where former inmates would be able to hitch a free ride to jobs and interviews.

The state and Uber each put $5,000 into the program to get it started.