Gun rights supporters gather for 2nd Amendment rally at Arizona State Capitol

Gun rights supporters gathered for a rally at the Arizona State Capitol Saturday.

Attendees say the rally is all about spreading the message about the importance of supporting the 2nd Amendment.

"Because of the 2nd Amendment, we do have the right to carry and bear arms," said Reina Galindo.

Attendees were seen with weapons at the 2nd Amendment rally. While Phoenix Police officials have not released any numbers, organizers of the event claim up to 2,500 people attended.

"1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment rights are something that are currently being challenged, and infringement on these rights needs to be protected from any and all kind of government overreach," said Michael Auerbach.

On the agenda at the rally is SB 1625. The bill, introduced by State Senator Rebecca Rios and co-sponsored by 11 other Democratic State Senators, aims to ban a person, corporation, or other entities from manufacturing, importing, possessing, purchasing, selling, or transferring any assault weapon or large capacity magazine.

The bill does make exceptions for government officers, agents or employees, who will be eligible to register the weapon. The bill will also grant exemptions for firearms dealers and manufacturers under certain conditions.

Some gun rights activists say this bill could potentially take away their freedom to protect themselves, when time is of the essence.

"Who's going to protect me? My kids? My grandkids?" said Galindo.

With the elections coming up, many of the supporters are also hoping for another win by Trump.

"I pray to god that Trump wins this time. A second time. We love you!" said Galindo.

Some activists say this is a sign their input should be considered.

Meanwhile, Felecia Rotellini, the Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party, released a statement that reads, in part:

"Arizona Democrats are committed to our constitutional rights and believe that preserving our Second Amendment right is not incompatible with working towards safety for all. We believe that assault weapons belong on the battlefield and not on our streets. We know that passing universal background checks will help keep guns out of the hands of criminals and reduce mass shootings."