Halloween decoration theft has Scottsdale neighborhood on edge

Someone allegedly stole nearly $1,000's worth of Halloween decorations from a Scottsdale home, and the incident has the neighborhood on edge.

As October 31st approaches, people will see more spooky decorations, but police officials said unfortunately, thieves are on the prowl as well during Halloween.

It's a fact a Scottsdale family has learned the hard way.

"I really enjoy putting up the decorations to see the neighborhood's reaction, and I'm just super disappointed that was taken away this year," said Diedra Nietz.

It was definitely a trick and not a treat for Nietz when she woke up Wednesday morning to find that some local ghoul stole some of her Halloween decorations.

"At 6:00 a.m, it was gone," said Nietz. "Somebody came through and decided to take some of our Halloween decorations, and definitely kinda stole some of that Halloween spirit from us."

Nietz has put on a Halloween "spook-tacular" for seven years. Now, $750 worth of decorations are missing from her home.

"We had this huge dragon," said Nietz. "You could see it all the way down the street."

Nietz goes to a lot of toil and trouble for her decorations, and some of the items stolen are handmade.

"I had a huge Dracula that was about 6 foot, that's missing," said Nietz. "There's a lot of hard work and man hours to go with it."

The alleged thieves left behind what they couldn't take, including stakes in the ground. They even took the extension cords. Nietz said police told her she's not the only one to experience something wicked this Halloween season.

Still, Nietz said the incident won't stop her, or her family, from having a spooky good time.

"I'm still going to decorate every year," said Nietz. "I still look forward to it everywhere, and now it's just kind of a reason to add some more ot the collection, and build up again."