Harvest day at the Diamondbacks' urban garden

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Chase Field is known for baseball, good times, and good food, but what about gardening? For three years now, the Diamondbacks have cultivated an urban garden right outside of Chase Field that is harvested thanks to volunteers from United Healthcare of Arizona.

Outside the ballpark, you expect to smell popcorn, hot dogs, and maybe some cotton candy, but thanks to the D'Backs Green Garden Harvest, the entrance to Chase Field smells like chives, lemongrass, and basil.

"We have partnered and put up this beautiful urban garden where we're growing natural herbs year round," said Joe.

Every so often, volunteers from United Healthcare come out and harvest the fruits of their labor.

The garden also serves as a classroom of sorts. The urban configuration is to show that you don't need a ton of space or fancy equipment to start planting. It also helps introduce kids to new flavors.

"We teach them about the garden and how we're going to harvest today, but we also have the kids sample everything to say hey you know what this is really good stuff," said Joe.

A large portion of what's grown in the garden can be found inside the ballpark and maybe on your next plate.

"You know it's really neat to know that as people are coming to the ballgame the food they're eating, some of the seasoning and the herbs are coming from right outside of this wall," said Joe.