High country wildfires bring smoke into Sedona

There are several controlled fires burning in the high country.

They include the Bert Fire, Mormon Fire, and the Jack Fire. All of these fires are lightning caused and the Forest Service is letting them burn in a controlled setting to benefit the forest eco-system.

But the fires are causing smoky conditions in places like Sedona where some business owners are concerned on the impact on tourism. Forest officials are holding a meeting to address some of those concerns.

Haze from the fires has lifted over the scenic red rocks in Sedona, but people living here say it's been a much different story for the past few weeks.

"We didn't go out in the mornings too much," said Rhonda Lowney.

Smoke also crept into Oak Creek Canyon where Frank Garrison and his wife own the "Butterfly Garden Inn" resort.

"We've had a few mornings when we've had some decent smoke here in the canyon but it's usually gone in a couple of hours," said Frank Garrison.

He says despite the fires and the smoke it wasn't enough to keep visitors away.

"You won't understand it until you actually experience it, you'll never forget it once you see it," said Kim Rowley.

Rowley is visiting from Minnesota and says she didn't know anything about the fires before making the trip. But for her it wouldn't have made a difference.

"No, no it's beautiful I think, I wouldn't let it keep me away," said Rowley.

Forest Officials say it's a good opportunity to explain their decision making with fighting these fires.