How to save money and look fabulous on Halloween

The price for candy, decorations and of course costumes for Halloween can be scary to say the least.

This year, the National Retail Federations says all together, our country is going to spend a record $8.4 billion on Halloween. That cost per person is about $82, up from $74 last year.

"You do not have to spend $80-plus on a Halloween costume," Lea Soto said.

Lea Soto works for Goodwill and says shopping at thrift stores is a great way to look fabulous without spending too much cash.

"Branch out from the Halloween section; all throughout our racks, all throughout the different departments to build and accent your costume with," she said.

Every year, the NRF predicts what costumes you'll see the most. A pirate and vampire are in the top 10 and both of these outfits cost about $15 each, so it's possible to be on trend without spending a fortune.

With 27 days left until the big night, you have plenty of time to bargain hunt so your money doesn't make like a ghost and disappear from your wallet.