I-10 shootings case tip line signs disappear from freeways

At this point, Leslie Merritt, Jr. is only being accused of four of the 11 shootings. Seven cases remain unsolved. Many drivers have noticed the electronic freeway signs asking drivers for tips are no longer up.

For weeks, all drivers saw on the overhead electronic freeway signs was the number for the Interstate 10 shooter tip line. Now those signs have disappeared.

The Arizona Department of Transportation says the Department of Public Safety requested that the tip line message be removed on Monday -- three days after Merritt, Jr. was arrested,

DPS released a statement:

"The overhead freeway signs were very effective. They produced a lot of information in the form of tips from the public for which we are grateful. Our investigators continue to process that information."

However, some drivers we spoke with say they still drive the I-10 with some fear in the back of their minds, knowing there may still be other shooters out there.

"I would keep the signs up. It doesn't cost them anything to keep signs up, but I don't think anyone in Phoenix has forgotten we've got more shootings out there," said Tim Miller.

DPS says the search is still on for another shooter or copycats. So we asked DPS why did they remove the tipster signs if there are still seven unsolved incidents? DPS told us the signs were necessary to catch the shooter behind the first four cases and now a suspect is in custody and will be tried for those shootings.

There is still a $50,000 reward being offered for tips in the unsolved cases. There has not been a new confirmed shooting incident since September 10th and the number of reports of damaged cars has gone down.