Jerry's Restaurant in Phoenix closes its doors after more than 50 years

A popular Phoenix staple known for its comfort food and right-at-home meals is closing its doors after more than 50 years, and loyal customers are sad to see it go.

Long hugs and tearful goodbyes were inside the cozy, corner diner that is home to those who love a good meal, a fresh cup of coffee, and excellent service with a smile.

After over 50 years of business, Jerry's Restaurant in Phoenix, off of E Thomas Road, is closing its doors.

"Another landmark here in a historical place in all the years closing, I don't like seeing that," said Michael Twoney, a regular customer. " It's sad that this place is not going to be here, we need more places like this to stay open."

"I've just been coming here since I was like 7 or 6-years-old, it's just been here for a while," said Juan Robles, a regular customer. "This place is going to be missed."

The restaurant chain once housed over 50 locations throughout the Southwest. With just four left, now Jerry's is down to three after the owners announced two months ago that the Phoenix location would be closing and turning into a car wash.

"We tried to get the petition signed and we went and got a bunch of signatures to try and keep it open but it was inevitable that it was going to close," said Twoney.

Customers are heavy-hearted to see such a staple of their everyday lives soon become a pleasant memory of the past.

Jerry's will officially close Wednesday, June 12 at 2 p.m.

For the past few days, customers have been driving from near and far to enjoy their last meal before the restaurant closes, some even taking home cups and buying art off the walls.