Jodi Arias secret testimony video released

For the first time, video has been released from Jodi Arias' testimony that took place in secret during her sentencing retrial.

In it Arias said it took her years to admit to herself, she murdered her boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

She also talked about her cover-up of the crime.

Arias appeared to cry during part of her testimony, saying she wishes she could do that entire day over again.

"It's revolting, I just look at that and think how stupid I was, I think what those lies put so many people through, I just wish, there are a lot of things I wish I could do it all again," said Jodi Arias during the testimony.

She says it took her years to admit to herself what she did.

"Because what I did was so horrific, that I could never have imagined doing that to another human being," she said.

She was shown a photo from a year ago she said; "Yes, it takes me right back to that day. It was a difficult time in our relationship, but that was a good day."

Arias addressed other relationships where she was cheated on and told jurors her parents discipline became more severe.

"My mom began to carry a wooden spoon in her purse whenever we were misbehaving she would pull it out and whack us with it," said Arias.

Arias didn't talk about the day Travis was killed or led up to the crime.

The judge initially closed the courtroom for the testimony saying it. She was only on the stand for two days before the court of appeals ordered the courtroom be opened.

She then decided not to address jurors again.