Gas plumber dies after being assaulted by suspect while on the job, Chandler police say

A worker in Chandler who was badly hurt after being assaulted by a suspect has died, police confirmed on Aug. 3.

The incident happened on June 12 near Ray and Cooper Roads when the 70-year-old Mesa man, Daniel Lopez, was at a client's home for gas plumbing services.

"It was reported that a subject had confronted the victim, assaulted him, and then stole the victim's vehicle before leaving," police said.

Police say the suspect used a shovel in the attack.

The suspect is 33-year-old Eric Lartigue, and he's from Chandler.

"The investigation revealed that after assaulting Lopez, Lartigue went to known residences in Queen Creek and Gilbert, where he committed other crimes at both locations before being contacted by Gilbert PD in a business parking lot in Queen Creek," police detailed.

Lartigue was arrested near Riggs and Ellsworth Roads and booked into jail on suspicion of aggravated assault and theft of a vehicle.

Lopez was hospitalized with serious injuries after the attack. Police said it's unclear if his death is from the injuries he sustained during the attack.

Lopez's family says that although he was referred to as a landscaper by police, he's actually a natural gas plumber. He owns The Gas Man company in Mesa.

Area where the assault happened: