Laveen home targeted at least 8 times by burglars

A Laveen neighborhood seems to be a hotspot for thieves, and one man says he has the proof on his home surveillance system.

The man, Frank Moreno, provided us multiple videos showing the suspects in action. He says it's a real problem, and he's absolutely tired of it.

Moreno says he's annoyed, frustrated, and a little fearful for his family after these repeated burglaries. Now, he's asking for help from anybody.

"Around eight times is what I can count off the top of my head and that I have police reports for," said Moreno, who lives near 43rd Avenue and Baseline. He says the most recent burglary, which took place on Monday, was the last straw.

"I chased him down the street down here, got in an altercation with him, ended up getting his keys and got some threats that he's gonna come back and kill my family," said Moreno.

Moreno says it's been an ongoing problem for neighbors in the area. He's resorted to trying to stop suspects himself instead of waiting for police.

"Physically apprehending them myself," said Moreno.

During Monday's incident, Moreno says after a scuffle the police helicopter showed up, but nobody was caught

"It took about 17 minutes it was a struggle over there," said Moreno. "My wife and my daughter came out to give me a hand. It ended up being a miscommunication with the 911 operators and hte helicopters, they lost where the guy was at."

Moreno says it's tough to wait for police when it happens, and he is frustrated with what he says is a response time that takes too long.

"I would like to see the Phoenix Police Department get some help, I'm willing to help them out, I'm not looking to bash anyone, but I'm looking for help," said Moreno.

Police officials, meanwhile, say the burglary on Monday was a "Priority 1" call, and they do have the suspect's vehicle in this case. Police also say there will be a follow-up.