Live Más! Taco Bell opens its first alcohol-serving location in Downtown Phoenix

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- If you're a fan of taco bell, listen up!

Arizona's first Taco Bell restaurant to serve booze has just opened, and it is located at the Collier Center in Downtown Phoenix.

"I'm a frequent Taco Bell customer, and this just adds another element," said one man, identified only as "John". as a resident of downtown I've been anxiously awaiting this."

The first Taco Bell Cantina in Arizona recently opened its doors. Jeff Torres with Taco Bell says he wants it to be a place where people can gather and have fun.

"We want to be the hangout place," said Torres. "We want to be where people can come in and hang out, watch a football game, and have a beer or twisted freeze."

The twisted freezes on tap are Piña Colada, Margarita, and Sangria. What's also different about this place is how they serve beer.

"We have our bottoms up cup, which has the Taco Bell logo in it, so then, it's a magnet and it just pops out," said Torres. "That just goes in the bottom, and that's all they have to do and it just pours the beer."

"This is American ingenuity here, this Taco Bell," said one man, identified only as "Eric".

The cantina also has space for a DJ. The cantina had a soft opening before Christmas.