Local artists pay tribute to music's greatest legends at Tempe Marketplace

TEMPE, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- There's a splash of color at Tempe Marketplace in Tempe, as some local artists are paying tribute to some of music's greatest legends.

David Bowie. Bob Marley. Aretha Franklin. Those are just a few musical icons who are being honored in murals that are on display at the Tempe shopping center.

"They are all musical legends that we appreciate, and we hope everyone else will come out and appreciate not only the artistry, but be inspired by it," said Emilie Andrews, the mall's Senior Marketing Director.

The 12 musical murals are all done by local artists, and the murals are painted in just one day.

"These artists are all really seasoned, talented local muralists who know what they are doing, so they are able to create a beautiful work product relatively quickly," said Andrews.

One artist who was working on Whitney Houston said she is inspired by the late singer, and that music has been a staple in her everyday life.

"All of these artists gave us something unique," said Lucretia Torva. "I know that without music, my life wouldn't be the same."

People walking around the marketplace can see the artists in action, and one woman says their work is truly amazing

"What a great edition to the entire mall. I love that you've got local artists doing their work, and their renditions are spot on," said the woman.

Elvis, Freddie Mercury and Kurt Cobain are also a part of the larger than life murals.