Local print shop goes up in flames in downtown Phoenix

A local print shop in downtown Phoenix has to start from scratch after a fire damaged the building Wednesday morning.

A man driving to work this morning saw flames shooting out of this business off Fifth Street and Roosevelt.

"It was glowing red and orange, it was 10-to-15-foot flames at first," Matt Buccola said.

The driver pulled over worried someone was inside.

"We saw an orange glow and a bunch of smoke, we got out of our vehicles, started calling 9-1-1 and started pounding on the door," Buccola said.

No one was inside, but a lot of clothing, equipment and inventory was. It's a local print shop called Think! and contributes to the art district along Roosevelt Row.

"This is an old building, it's back from the 1920s, I think, this is a staple for First Fridays area," Randy Phillips said.

Randy Phillips is the owner and he located the business here to support downtown six years ago. Now, he's in need of the community's help.

"If you guys can bring over some business or come over and support us," he said.

The fire started in the attic and the cause is under investigation.

"Everything inside is like all singed up, there's ash everywhere," Phillips said. "Everything is soaking wet, there's nothing to be left here."

No other surrounding businesses were affected.

If you would like to help, a GoFundMe page has been setup for the business.