Local rescue gives second chance to wild horses and burros

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - A local organization is making a big difference when it comes to rescuing while horses and burros. They take them in, nurse them back to health, and get them ready for adoption.

It takes a lot of work and patience to nurse these magnificent creatures back to health.

"They came covered in lice and mites and they hadn't had their hooves trimmed in who knows how long," said Stacie Thomas, founder of One Step Wild Burro and Mustang Rescue.

Stacie Thomas is the founder of One Step Wild Burro and Mustang Rescue. She just recently took in 18 burros that were in a kill pin in Louisiana. They will work with the animals over the course of several weeks.

"We rehab them and try to place them in forever homes," said Thomas.

Keep in mind, some of these horses and burros have never been touched, let alone ever seen a human.

"We like to halter train them and make sure they can walk on a lead, make sure they can pick up their feet for hoove trims in the future, and load in and out of a trailer," explained Thomas.

"It's an amazing feeling, I don't think there are words to describe it," said Beth Howard.

Beth Howard started as a volunteer and now helps run the rescue. She says they're in the process of becoming a non-profit.

They have lofty goals of moving to another larger location where they'll be able to take in even more animals because they say these gentle giants deserve a second chance.

"As you can see they're calm, not stressed, and relaxed, just seeing them transition from stressed and malnourished to healthy is amazing," said Howard.