Longtime convenience store in downtown Phoenix closes

John & Kathy's Shop has been around for almost 30 years as a convenience store and post office, but because of unforeseen circumstances, they're being forced to go out of business.

The owners say this all started when they decided to sell the business so Kathy could care for her ill mother, but when they went to do so, the United States Postal Service said they could only sell as a store, not with the postal service, which makes up 50 percent of their business. Now they say the lease is up, no one wants to buy it and they're at a total loss.

Snacks, sodas, lottery tickets -- to some, it might not seem like a lot, but to John and Kathy Plunkett, this place and their customers meant everything.

"We've watched them grow up and have kids grow up and you're almost a part of their family too," said John.

But because of an unforeseen exemption in their agreement with USPS, the convenience store couple is now in the most inconvenient position -- going out of business.

"We're taking a total loss, and we're 62-years-old and it's hard to start over at that," said Kathy.

All day, store regulars dropped by. Some to drop off gifts, others to just check in.

"We knew it was gonna be a pretty terrible day... the customers have been real good though coming by and wishing us the best and stuff like that," said John.

Just years from their retirement, the Plunketts are starting over.

"I've got something lined up with a limo service that I've been doing the last couple of days and I think they're gonna be nice to me to let me work full time," said John.

And after three decades downtown with countless memories and friends made, the couple who seemed to have a card for every occasion is left without words.

"It's a sad day... sad day," said John.

The Plunketts say they were lucky to take part in celebrations, milestones, those big and little moments in life for their customers -- it never crossed their minds that this could happen.