Love at first dress: Mesa man buys 55K dresses for wife

MESA, Ariz. (FOX 10) - When it comes to his wife, Paul Brockman says he knew she was the one right away. Margot says playfully, it took her a little more convincing.

"Paul and I used to go to school together anyway, he was always two years ahead of me, he was a little roughneck at the time, so I really didn't like him too much," she said.

But that all changed the night of the big school dance.

"She had a nice dress on and I watched her a little bit, and I knew that she could dance, so I asked her and we danced all night," Paul said.

And the two never stopped dancing. Over the next 62 years, kids and several moves later, Paul's love for Margot grew tremendously, and so did her closet.

"I drove down the street one day and there was a beautiful dress hanging on a garage door, so I stopped and I told the lady that I wanted to buy the dress," he said.

One garage sale led to hundreds, another thrift store visit turned into countless more and eventually, Paul bought Margot more than 55,000 dresses!

So why does Paul love collecting dresses so much?

"If I can get a woman in one of these dresses, it comes back to life," he said.

But now, Paul says it's time to sell and let these dresses live new lives.

Wading through the sea of taffeta and sequins you wonder how much would a lot of 55,000 cost? Paul estimates nearly $500,000!

Paul says he enjoys dressing up as well.

"If I wear work clothes it's Paul, but if I wear a suit, it's Mr. Brockman," he said.

Paul says everyone deserves to feel special.

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