Made in Arizona: Clothing company finds a way to give back to the community

In today's Made in Arizona, we meet the inspiration behind Mama B Designs — a clothing line for women and kids. It's a clothing line that raises awareness and money for a good cause.

"Mompreneur" Nadine Bubeck wears all the hats: Stay-at-home mom, raising three boys, and building an empire — all while giving back to her community.

"Mama B Designs is my boutique clothing line," Bubeck said. 

Overcome with what she calls the magnitude of motherhood, she was grateful for the support she received in the NICU and felt compelled to pay it forward.

"My first son, Nicholas, was born six weeks premature," Bubeck said. "He spent seven nights in the NICU [and] while that isn't a lot, it still took an extreme toll on me."

And that's how Mama B Designs was born. Bubeck makes playful, inspirational clothing for woman and children with the goal of raising awareness for preemie babies. 50 percent of every item sold in her Miracle Line goes directly to March of Dimes.

"I wanted to balance out motherhood and running a business and I'm trying to instill in my kids to find and fulfill a passion and pay it forward," Bubeck said. "Nicholas is now 6, Zaza is now 4, [and] Alex is two and I started the business a few years ago."

Everything is made here in Arizona. A local screen printer, local photographer, and even her son's preschool teacher, together they help make her vision come to life.

"Arizona has my heart," Bubeck said. "My husband few up here [and] I've lived here [for] almost 10 years. My kids and I are creating a village and a community here, so it's important to me that Mama B Designs is a hyperlocal company."

More than a phrase on a t-shirt or a fashionable moment, this mom wants to give back with her brand and help make miracles happen.

"Every sale does make a difference and I'm trying," Bubeck said. "There's no handbook on how to do this so I'm figuring it out as I go. I'm very grateful for all the people that help me and support me along the way."

If you'd like to support the cause, you can visit Mama B Designs on their website. Use promo code "FOX 10" for 10 percent off the entire website.