Made in Arizona: Company takes sustainable approach to makeup removal

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - For many women, taking off makeup leads to you tossing out countless wipes that become stained and ruined over time. But one company has a product that not only is making the makeup removal process easier, but safer.

Simple, but effective, the MakeUp Eraser is becoming a hit for people looking to minimize the mess when taking off makeup. While other wipes or pads may be loaded with different chemicals, this Phoenix-based company says "just add water."

"There's nothing toxic in it," said Lacy Kutzman, director of business development with MakeUp Eraser. "It's good for your skin, it's hypo-allergenic, [and] dermatologists approve."

A simple three-step process will have your skin clean and in the clear.

"There's two sides of the cloth," Kutzmansaid. "[The one] side has the shorter fibers and [the other] side has longer fibers. So you wash, you erase, and you exfoliate - it's really that simple."

And the added bonus - one Magic Eraser can last you three to five years. The company is dedicated to creating the most sustainable makeup removal product in the world and they believe they can eliminate the third most wasteful product in the world - wipes.

"Really having a message around sustainability and not creating waste is really our sole focus," Kutzman said.

The company has been in business for six years after the founder had a light bulb moment with a gift from her mother-in-law.

"Our founder developed [the product] on her bathroom and was given a bathrobe from her mother-in-law and just devised this concept that you can really remove your makeup with just water," Kutzman said.

Now, the company is shipping Magic Erasers in major retailers around the country and worldwide, with all of the product made here in Arizona. Despite all the success, the company still looks to give back to the place where it all began, taking part in fundraisers for a number of Arizona organizations.

"Camps, cheer camps, cheerleading squads, dance competitions, soccer teams," Kutzman said. "Whatever it may be. SO we're really able to give back to the community."

Coming in a variety of colors and sizes, the Magic Eraser wil help erase the amount of trash you have in your bathroom.

"You're not using a makeup wipe and throwing one away every day,"