Made In Arizona: Local company's products are literally out of this world

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A Valley company called "Allied Tool and Die" makes all kinds of products, including cases for the avionics that go into commercial and military aircraft.

The company started as a small machine shop in the heart of Phoenix in 1950.

"Most of the work we do ends up at Boeing or military," said Jeff Moorhead, Allied Tool and Die's Vice President and General Manager.

The products the business makes are out of this world.

Literally so.

"It could be satellite component. We started doing work with SpaceX on the rocket programs, so we have parts being launched on rockets as well," said Moorhead.

Things have certainly changed and grown over the years. The shop in Phoenix is bigger, and they're expanding with new technology. Moorhead says there's an even greater sense of pride, knowing where the products go. There's not much they can't do, and Allied makes products to send all across the world, not only for aerospace, but for the medical, automotive, and commercial industries as well.

They're also part of the reason people can make calls from their cell phone.

"We make components for the towers you see around town," said Moorhead. "Manufacturing is everything."

The company has about 100 people on staff, with room for more. A family company from the start, they like to promote from within. Moorhead says it's a trade that's best taught on site, and one people will be happy to know in the future.

"We move them up through the company as they learn the different processes," said Moorhead. "Aerospace is on a real strong track for the next 10 years, and Allied is part of it, and we're really lucky."

Allied Tool and Die