Made In Arizona: Scottsdale-based company selling technologies to make water from sunlight and air

Safe drinking water is a must, especially in the desert. Hydro-panels can make clean drinking water from just sunlight and air, even in the driest of climates, and it is made by a Scottsdale-based company called "Zero Mass Water".

"It's an incredible technology that's using only the power of the sun and the water vapor all around us to collect that moisture, and convert it into pure drinking water," said Kaitlyn Fitzgerald, Brand Director at Zero Mass Water.

The water comes from solar panels installed on the roof, and it blends with a curated mineral recipe similar to distilled water, with added magnesium and calcium.

"Whether you're getting bottled water, you're using water filtration or some other water solution, you're doing something to make the water you drink taste better, and something that you trust just a bit more," said Fitzgerald. "So with source hydro-panels, you don't have to make any of those upgrades."

The source hydro-panels technology was developed about eight years before the company was founded by Cody Friesen. Friesen is a professor at Arizona State University, where he has a lab dedicated to researching the world's resources, including water.

"We can do this at any scale, so we've got many, many homes across the U.S. with source hydro-panels drinking delicious water, and we can do that for businesses, schools all the way up to entire communities," said Fitzgerald.

Zero Mass Water started in 2014, and it is now being used in 30 countries across the world. A source array for a home runs about $5,500 to $6,000, including shipping and installation.

"We are a growing company, and growing quickly," said Fitzgerald. "Today, we are well over 100 employees, and we're very excited to see not only the reach of our technology grow, but to see more and more people all over the world drinking perfectly sourced water."

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