Man lauded after he helped Gen. Colin Powell change his tires

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A man with an artificial leg is being hailed a Good Samaritan, after he helped Gen. Colin Powell last week to change his tires.

Powell said he was on the Beltway driving to Walter Reed Military Hospital for an exam when his left front tire blew out. As Powell was working to change the tire, he said a vehicle pulled up in front of his and a man with an artificial leg got out to help him. Powell said he chatted with the man and learned he'd lost his leg in Afghanistan while working there as a civilian employee. The two finished changing the tires and hurriedly rushed off to their appointments at Walter Reed but not before grabbing a selfie together.

Now, FOX 10 has learned the man is named Anthony Maggert. FOX 10's John Hook and Kari Lake spoke with Maggert on the phone.