Man seen exposing himself to children in Phoenix neighborhood

When Carrie and Luke Bevins heard that a man exposed himself to some kids down the street, they were shocked but not entirely surprised.

"There's been a significant... it's hit a little too close to home," Luke said.

The couple who have three young children say it's a great tight-knit neighborhood, but they believe because of a drug clinic close by that some unwanted company wanders in.

"We got a methadone clinic... then they come into the neighborhood," Luke said.

Carrie says she always keeps a close eye on her kids, but because of what happened down the street, they're outside time will be restricted until there's change.

"It's so scary... without me being paranoid or on high alert," she said.

The couple says police have been great about doing neighborhood checks, but now they're looking for some extra help from city council members.

"We have a Facebook page... as much as we can," Carrie said.