Man speaks out after his father was shot by armed robbery suspects in Phoenix

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A home invasion leads to a man in his 60s getting shot in the face during a robbery early Wednesday morning.

The suspects are still on the loose, and on Wednesday night, the victim's family described the harrowing ordeal.

Family members say they are traumatized, and will be moving as soon as possible. The victim's son says he was there when three men broke in, and held guns to their heads before robbing them of belongings.

Fortunately, they're alive.

"My son called me. He said, 'come home! We got robbed,'" said Alice Zahran.

Alice raced home, after learning her husband, John, had been shot during an armed robbery inside their apartment near Bell Road and Central Avenue.

"They were honestly in our faces once I opened the door, screaming and cursing 'get down, get down,'" said the victim's son, Anthony Zahran.

Anthony says three armed suspects walked in the door, which was left unlocked, as his friend slept on the couch. Moments later, Zahran says he and his father were pinned to the floor.

"He said if I lift up my head, I'm gonna get shot,'" said Anthony.

Suddenly, one gun shot was fired. Anthony said one bullet went through his dad's jaw, and into the bathroom ceiling.

"Once the gun went off, they scrambled and took whatever they could, and said 'don't get up for three minutes, or we're gonna kill you'," said Anthony.

Zahran says the three men stole his laptop, TV, and jewelry. All replaceable items, but his 69-year-old father's peace of mind is gone.

"He's in pain now, and his jaw, he's all bandaged up," said Anthony. "He had to get stitches. Poor man didn't deserve that."

Anthony is thankful to be alive, and relieved his mother wasn't in danger.

"My family, especially my mother, if anybody tries to harm her, I'd rather take a bullet than anything happen to her," said Anthony.

The Zahran family says their trailer had been broken into three times in the last five days, and they believe the same suspects in this armed robbery incident are tied to those cases. Anyone with information should call Phoenix Police.