Man with explosives arrested in North Phoenix

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- The Phoenix Police Department's bomb squad has been busy of late, having been called out to several reports of explosions in North Phoenix over the last few days, with the latest scare happening just last night.

Now, a 29-year-old felon is behind bars on new charges of aggravated assault, after he threatened to throw an explosive device at someone. Residents in North Phoenix are being told to be vigilant, as there is an active investigation into the source of mystery explosions in that area of town.

Wednesday night saw some frightening moments at an apartment complex near 25th Street and Greenway, as the bomb squad checked out a potential explosive.

"I see my neighbors going downstairs, and I open my door and there's an officer right there saying that we needed to evacuate now. I ran with my kids on my hips down to 25th Street," said Gina, in a phone interview. She did not want to appear on camera, but says she noticed two men arguing outside of her apartment.

Meanwhile, police officials said a resident of the complex had confronted a suspicious man who was holding what looked to be a bomb.

"The suspect was moving around, this unknown device around his hands saying the word boom, and throwing it at the victim and saying the word boom," said Sgt. Armando Carbajal with Phoenix Police.

The resident held the suspect at gunpoint until officers took him into custody. According to court records, Delionel Begay, 29, had a small device containing TNT explosives. However, it did not detonate because it was missing some parts. Begay does have a long rap sheet, and did about a year in prison for burglary. Police say he does not have a history of making or setting off explosives.

Residents at the complex waited for hours for the bomb squad to declare their homes safe. Police do not know, however, if this incident is linked to the mystery explosions happening less than 10 miles west of this complex.

Officers saaid the resident who called police did the right thing in this case, and they are asking the public to remain vigilant. Meanwhile, anyone with any information on this case, or the recent explosions in Northwest Phoenix, should call police.