Maricopa County health officials predict April 11, April 18 to be virus case and death peaks

Maricopa County announced a unified command between public health and emergency management Monday to help streamline their efforts to fight against the coronavirus.

In the meantime, Arizona could be at the beginning of our two worst weeks as the virus spreads across the state.

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April 11 and April 18 are the projected dates of Arizona’s peak coronavirus cases and deaths. Much sooner than earlier projections that put those dates closer to the end of the month and beginning of May.

The updated numbers come from a new study out of Washington University lead by global health professor Dr. Christopher Murray.

He cautions predicting pandemics is like forecasting the weather, an inexact science.

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Plus, these models are based on the hope that people will follow social distancing and stay at home orders until the end of May.

Meantime, Maricopa County now has 100% of its protective gear from the strategic national surplus. With most of it earmarked for 22 long term care facilities where 66 cases have been identified.

But that is still far short of what health officials think they will need in the near future.

The Washington University study projects peak deaths across the country in 10 days when 3,130 Americans are predicted to die in a single day.

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