Mayor of Gilbert resigns, becomes county campaign chair for Martha McSally

The Mayor of Gilbert announced her immediate resignation on Tuesday, Aug. 11.

Jenn Daniels did not provide a reason for why she resigned and says she's "grateful for this remarkable experience," in a tweet.

Jenn Daniels announced the move at Tuesday evening’s Town Council meeting and later said she resigned for personal reasons.

On Wednesday, Daniels was announced as one of four Maricopa County chairs for Republican U.S. Sen. Martha McSally’s reelection campaign

Vice Mayor Scott Anderson said Daniels, who wasn’t running for reelection, alerted him of her planned resignation several days ago.

The Town Council will appoint an interim mayor to hold the role until the winner takes office in January.

Because no mayoral candidate in this month’s primary election achieved more than 50% of the vote, Gilbert residents will choose between the two highest vote-getters — Matt Nielsen and Brigette Peterson —in the November general election.

Daniels was appointed mayor when John Lewis resigned in October 2016 and she won election in an uncontested race the following month. Prior to that, she served on the Town Council from 2009 to 2016.

Earlier in the year, Daniels announced she would not seek re-election.

Daniels served the town of Gilbert for more than 11 years.

Read her letter to constituents here:

The Associated Press contributed to this report.